Aspire at Vaper Expo UK


The Aspire UK team showcase all the latest Aspire products, speak to UK business vendors and of course end users during the weekend of the main UK vape show held at the NEC in Birmingham.


Vaper Expo is one of largest Vaping events on Earth and is attended by people from all over the world. Within a arena that gets bigger each year, all the worlds most famous brands, manufacturers and E-Liquid creators are brought together under one roof, it is a party and celebration of the Vape Scene and what its become today.



Meeting our business vendors at the show.

Fridays are usually more formal and strictly business to business days only with no members of the public allowed. The B2B day allows for us to sit down and meet most of the vendors that we supply in the UK. We can show them new products on the horizon and discuss any issues required face to face. If you are one of our customers and have never attended Vaper Expo UK we highly recommend coming down on the B2B day when its less crazy, the music isn't pounding and we can have a sensible meet and greet whilst putting a face to the voice of your account manager that you speak to each week.


For those wishing to discuss more confidential projects or wish to become a sub distributor,  we can arrange to discuss details away from the show floor in a more private environment. If you do have something of this nature to discuss we highly recommend organising a time with your account manager before the show so we can have everything in place and the right people available at the time you need us. As senior members of the Aspire board fly into the show we can also arrange for you to meet them as well.


Meeting the Public, Aspire Giveaways and show pricing to UK end users.

On Saturday and Sunday Vaper Expo turns into a glorified vaping nightclub running all day. The music starts pumping, the showgirls do their thing and everything goes into party mode.


When the doors are open to the general public it starts a chain reaction of chaos and human stampedes running to see the latest products from their favourite vendor. And of course maybe grab a feebie or two.


Saturday and Sundays at Vaper Expo are famous for giving away free stuff. The Aspire stand is no different, so if you swing by you may get treated to free Aspire Merchandise or even hardware if you are lucky.


The Aspire stand always has trade pricing for the entire weekend. This means members of the public can pick up coils, hardware & spares at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay online or via the highstreet. Well worth stopping by for don't you agree.



So if you have never been to Vaper Expo before or you are a seasoned VIP pass veteran we hope to see you at the Aspire stand at the next show for more fun, giveaways and product showcasing. The Aspire team love doing Vaper Expo and meeting everybody connected to this wonderful industry. Vendors, press, reviewers and of course the public whom use Aspire products daily to stay away from Tobacco. We love you all and will see you at the next show .....