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Aspire Wholesale UK


Official Aspire UK Wholesale Account information

Thank you for your interest in an Official Aspire Wholesale Account. We are the authorised Aspire Wholesale UK platform. We hope to welcome you as an Official Aspire Vendor really soon. Please read the following information to find out about key benefits of using the Official Aspire UK Trade / Wholesale Platform for your business.


Aspire Wholesale UK Information

In order to gain access to the Aspire Wholesale platform you will need to register for an account and have it authorized by our team.

We may require proof that you are a genuine business in order to accept your request for wholesale.


Amazon / Ebay sellers will need to have an accessible and good performance feedback. We will not accept requests for new Amazon / Facebook seller start-ups


We are responsible for servicing UK Vendors with genuine Aspire Hardware. Our aim is to provide your business with Quality Aspire Products at fair wholesale pricing. Our new wholesale platform rolled out across the globe in July 2018 allows any business to be a success in the vaping industry by protecting margins and delivering ROI.


We are taking the expense, time and pitfalls out of importing and effectively bringing the Aspire factory to your doorstep right here in the UK.





Aspire Wholesale Cheap uk

Since July 2018 the cost of manufacturing increased in China. In addition to this for tax reasons local Chinese traders such as Elego and Heaven Gifts have had a big increase on their own buying price from the factory. As a result and due to the fact Aspire do not supply UK vendors direct, in a recent price comparison test across 6 different Sku's we found it was 16 - 20% cheaper to order from us rather than importing and shipping the goods in from China. 



Aspire Wholesale next day

Importing from China means you are waiting for your stock, having to factor in shipping expenses and Duty / Deferment fees. When ordering from us this is all a thing of the past. We aim to deliver all orders processed and paid for before 2pm Monday - Thursday the very next day via a UK courier. In some areas we can even offer an inexpensive same day service which guarantees your stock worries are gone and your till is constantly ringing with Aspire sales.

  • Same day delivery is only available in certain regions. Ask your account manager for further details.

  • Same day despatch is subject to stock availability.

  • Same day despatch is subject to full invoice payment being received before 2pm.

  • Our warehouse is open to the trade so you may collect pre-paid orders if you desire.



Aspire Vape Warranty Wholesale

Give your customers the service they deserve that will keep them coming back to support your business. As your supplier of Aspire Hardware we provide a 6 month warranty to all of our vendors on electrical goods such as mods, cables and plugs. Therefore should any customer require a rapid solution to a problem you can solve this there and then whilst the customer is in store. We shall then exchange the products for you when returned and inspected.

  • Warranty is valid from date your customer purchases - Therefore you must give the customer a receipt at the point of sale which is presented back to claim the warranty.

  • In order to claim the warranty we require the full product, including cables & packaging sent back containing BATCH numbers.

  • The warranty does not cover misuse, accidental damage or battery drainage that is considered to be in the parameters of standard use in a 6 month period.

  • For obvious reasons the warranty does not cover tanks or coils unless reported DOA within 24 hours of purchase by your customer.

  • Glass is not covered by the Aspire Warranty.

  • Goods must have only been purchased via us direct and contain our import label, batch numbers and a valid invoice number dating the purchase. 



Aspire Wholesale No Minimum Order

We support both large multi store chains / wholesalers and small independant vape stores all across the UK. We do not enforce any MOQ or spend total in order to access our wholesale platform.

Under the new pricing structure introduced in July 2018, vendors whom purchase larger quantities of Sku's are rewarded with a cheaper unit price. This provides a fair and stable platform so that third party wholesalers and our sub distro network are protected and their is suitable, sustainable margins for all Vendors buying from the Official Channels.

  • Checks will be made by our wholesale team to make sure you are a legitimate business.

  • If we are asked to deliver to a residential address then we may make enquiries as to the nature of your business. 

  • Again if we are to deliver to a UK business that is not Vape related enquiries will be made before approving your account.



Aspire uk Vaping Customer Service

When joining us as an Official Aspire Vendor you are immediately assigned a dedicated account manager to look after your business. Your account manager is responsible for all aspects of your day to day wholesale requirements whom you will form a flawless working relationship. Just some of the roles our account managers provide to UK vendors.

  • Working to a strict budget? Your account manager can offer advice as to which products we recommend to stock that are hot sellers.

  • Want to discuss payment terms, then they are ready to take the call.

  • Got returns you are concerned about ? Your account manager will take care of them and log them onto our system.

  • Want honest feedback on Aspires latest hardware before its released? Your account manager will provide this.

  • Want samples of the latest products before ordering? Over time your account manager will start to do this upon request.

  • Want to discuss what E-Liquid or other brands we can get you great pricing on? Your account manager can do all of this.

  • Some of our account managers now consider customers to be friends and often speak via their personal phones over the weekend.



Aspire UK importer

As you may or may not know, under TPD law an importer is required to be declared to be legally responsible in the UK for a product going to market. If you were to import any product, not just Aspire, from outside of the EU then you would be deemed the legal importer and be fully responsible for the product under UK law.


We are the declared legal importer of Aspire hardware in the UK and therefore you / your business does not have to worry about the burden and possible legal ramifications of being the importer yourselves. In the unlikely event that a major problem occured with an Aspire product imported by us, our team, alongside our UK based compliance company would deal with it. Leaving you to simply run your business as normal.


In addition to this all products submitted to the MHRA for TPD notification is handled by our UK Compliance company. This means that all Toxology & Emission data required for TPD registration are held in UK Data Centres for fast action retrieval if required. We take care of this for our official vendors so you would not be required to pay for or to hold this data on your company property. 


Finally it is our duty to work with ROHS to make sure the Aspire brand is working within the ROHS guidelines and regulations. ROHS failure can mean a business ending fine and is not something you want to feel the full force of. The good news is by stocking Aspire through us you will NEVER have to worry about ROHS.



We obviously live, breathe, eat & sleep the Aspire Brand here but we can offer your company much more as part of our extended network of reputable E-Liquid Partners and trusted wholesalers.


Having built up a network of contacts via the hundreds of vendors that we supply we can also offer your business the chance to buy the latest on trend E-Liquid and more at a better wholesale price than you would normally expect to pay. We supply all kinds of E-Liquid from PG based mouth to lung juice right the way up to premium VG based from the UK, USA & Canada. 


By ordering your E-Liquid alongside your Hardware then you are taking advantage of the lower unit prices we can offer and getting everything from one place and saving massively on shipping.


So if you are not just looking for Aspire Hardware then speak with us today and see what else we can offer you as the complete vape wholesale package.



Get Aspire uk wholesale account

1. Please create an account on our website by clicking this link.

2. Once you have registered then please email [email protected] from the email address used to create your account and tell us you wish to use our wholesale platform.

3. Our team shall then verify your details and either instantly approve the account or request further information.

4. Once activated you shall be ready to reap the benefits of using Official Aspire.


Important information

Before you place your first order please read the following information. By placing your order with Official Aspire you are agreeing to the terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

Please read our Terms and conditions.

Please read our Privacy policy

If you have any questions regarding our service then please email us at [email protected]