CBD Liquid

CBD Liquid

CBD Liquid

CBD Liquid has exploded in popularity in the UK but some still do not understand it. Is it illegal ?, does it get you high ? Do i need to whisper in a shop and check over my shoulder when ordering ? The answer to those questions is of course no. Before jumping into purchasing any CBD oil we highly recommend clicking the CBD FAQ icon below where we pretty much answer most, if not all, questions people need answers to in order to understand the benefits and difference in quality.


Sadly many manufacturers and Vendors have jumped on the CBD band wagon selling 5000MG in a 1000ml Bottle and people are tricked into thinking they are getting value for money. They are not!


If you're business or you personally are new to CBD products then please hit the CBD FAQ icon now and take 10 minutes to do the research.


If you are fully up to date with CBD and can see the quality brands over the not so quality then dive right in. There is a reason this product won best CBD at Vape Expo May 2018.


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The Original CBD 100mg

The Original CBD 100mg The perfect strength to try CBD for the first time. 100mg of award winning..

Ex Tax: £12.50

The Original CBD 300mg

Original CBD 300mg Sometimes you may require a higher level of CBD. Our 300mg of Original CBD in ..

Ex Tax: £20.83

The Original CBD 500mg

Original CBD 500mg In some cases depending upon your own condition a 500mg CBD will be needed. Th..

Ex Tax: £29.17