BVC Clearomizers

BVC Clearomizers

This section covers our smaller, basic products such as CE5, ETS-Glass, CE5-S & K1 Glassomizer plus our BVC coils that power them.


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Aspire CE5

Aspire CE5 Clearomizer It is a new generation of clearomizer with the older CE5 shape, featuring ..

Ex Tax: £4.99

Aspire CE5-S

Aspire CE5-S The CE5-S is an upgrade version of CE5, it has an exterior metal sleeve surrounding ..

Ex Tax: £4.99

Aspire ET-S Glass

Aspire ET-S Glass Clearomizer The ET-S Glass is an upgraded version of our Aspire CE5, it has an ..

Ex Tax: £6.25

Aspire BVC Coils

5 Pack of Aspire BVC Coils. Retain your customer by always having Aspire BVC coils in stock at yo..

Ex Tax: £8.33