Xtar Chargers

Xtar Chargers

No one wants their e-cigarette to run out of battery. Making sure it’s well charged is key, and here at Official Aspire, we supply the best e-cigarette chargers on the market – including the world-renowned XTAR e-cigarette chargers.

It’s important that you never leave devices unattended or plugged in overnight as this could result in your e-cigarette overheating and performing less efficiently.


XTAR is a widely recognised name in the vaping world, and one experienced vapers know only too well.

Founded in 2006 in China, XTAR are market leaders for charging bays – creating innovative XTAR e-cigarette chargers that allow you to charge batteries safely and conveniently.

Due to exceptional build quality, charging technology and product development at their headquarters in China, XTAR e-cigarette chargers are designed to be intelligent and can switch themselves off when fully charged to prevent overheating – a fantastic option for keeping your device charged up without sacrificing safety.

XTAR chargers, like the VC4, are expertly designed and display charging current, battery voltage and charge capacity of Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries. The VC4 XTAR charger is a USB powered charger that can be plugged into an AC USB wall adapter plug. Additional features include:

  • overcharge protection – automatically stops when fully charged

  • short circuit

  • reverse polarity protection

  • revive overly discharged batteries

Another example of one of our XTAR Chargers includes the XTAR MC2 charger. Designed to be lightweight, the portable MC2 is a popular dual bay USB charger meaning that not only can you charge on the go but you can plug in two batteries at once, ensuring that you’re electronic cigarette never runs out of charge.

The MC2 incorporates a great safety feature – it automatically stops charging when complete and lowers charge current in high temperatures to eliminate overheating.


As soon as you’re ready to order XTAR Chargers, purchase online by clicking on the charger you need and adding it to your cart. For wholesale customers, or those wanting a little more information, contact us and we will happily assist. On hand Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 5.00pm, we will make sure you select the most suitable charger for your needs. Feel free to get in touch with us via telephone, 0333 577 5002, or email [email protected].

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