Xtar Chargers

Xtar Chargers

Xtar Chargers

We have teamed up with Xtar UK to be able to supply our customers Xtar Chargers at the very best wholesale prices.

Founded in 2006 Xtar are now the market leaders for charging bays and related products. This is due to build quality, charging technology and the future product development team at Xtar HQ in China.

Take a look through the extensive range that we have in stock.

You can now order your Aspire Hardware, TPD compliant E Liquid and the worlds greatest battery chargers all from the same place.

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Xtar MC1 Charger

Xtar MC1 Charger The XTAR MC1 Charger is extremely compact and portable. Ideal for travellin..

Ex Tax: £4.16

Xtar ANT MC1 Plus Charger

Xtar ANT MC1 Plus Charger The XTAR MC1 Plus Charger is our latest portable USB mini charger with ..

Ex Tax: £7.49

Xtar MC2 Charger

Xtar MC2 Charger The XTAR MC2 charger is the perfect light weight on the go dual bay USB charger...

Ex Tax: £9.16

Xtar MC4 Charger

Xtar MC4 Charger The XTAR MC4 charger is the latest in the MC range. It is another classic to add..

Ex Tax: £14.99

Xtar MC6 Queen Ant

Xtar MC6 Queen Ant The XTAR Queen Ant is one of the very best 6 bay chargers on the market at pre..

Ex Tax: £19.16

Xtar VC2 Charger

Xtar VC2 Charger The XTAR VC2 charger is the world’s first lithium-ion battery charger that featu..

Ex Tax: £14.16

Xtar VC2 Plus Master Charger

Xtar VC2 Plus Master Charger The latest in charger innovation, the VC2 Plus Master is a smart cha..

Ex Tax: £19.16

Xtar VC4 Charger

Xtar VC4 Charger The XTAR VC4 charger is a combination of our XP4C and VC2 charger. This intellig..

Ex Tax: £21.66

Xtar VP2 Charger

Xtar VP2 Charger The XTAR VP2 charger is a professional lithium-ion charger, great for a wide var..

Ex Tax: £21.66

Xtar Dragon VP4 Plus

Xtar Dragon VP4 Plus The XTAR DRAGON VP4 Plus charger is quite simply the best of the best no oth..

Ex Tax: £66.66

Xtar SV2 Rocket

Xtar SV2 Rocket The all new SV2 Rocket Charger is the first lithium-ion and Ni-MH charger with an..

Ex Tax: £24.16

Xtar Panza XP4

Xtar Panza XP4 The XTAR XP4 Battery Charger is also known as the Panzer 4 Charger. It has four ch..

Ex Tax: £24.16

Xtar Six-U 6 port USB HUB

Xtar Six-U 6 port USB HUB The Xtar Six-U U1 is an amazing 6 port USB charging hub perfect for hom..

Ex Tax: £20.83

Xtar UK Plug USB Mains Adapter


Ex Tax: £6.24