Official Aspire Kits

Official Aspire Kits

Thanks to our UK wholesale prices, Aspire e cig kits have never been as affordable and easy to access for UK vendors of Official Aspire. Aspire Vaping Kits are leaders in vaping innovation and are at the forefront of the industry we know and love. UK customers want Aspire kits and the Official Aspire UK team can supply you direct & fast. With the impressive range that Aspire has accumulated, since our launch in 2013, Official Aspire kits are guaranteed to keep you or your store happy.




Aspire have always had a high reputation for quality in the vape scene. Aspire products were some of the first tested and accepted under TPD regulations and are fully backed by a reputable UK compliance company, to ensure the Aspire brand is safe, legal and loved.

Our distribution team make it their mission to ensure that every kit reaching you is of the best quality possible. Quality control is a key part of what makes Aspire the global phenomenon that it is today. Rest assured, all Official Aspire kits that are distributed by us are hot, safe, quality and backed by a wealth of test data.


With Aspire, the customer comes first - whether that be a trade customer we supply or an end user. Without satisfied sellers and vapers, the company would not be what it is today. This strengthens the company’s belief that all products - including Aspire e cig kits – are designed and manufactured to the highest of standards.

Official Aspire kits are consistently being improved on for our customers, with better technology and advanced features. We aim to make vaping that little bit more satisfying, every time you or your customers purchase an upgrade.


With vaping, everyone has to start somewhere, and the team at Aspire understand that. Our Aspire e cig kits are manufactured to suit different customers, whether you are a beginner or consider an expert in vaping and Aspire products.

Our stock of Official Aspire kits include beginner kits such as the Aspire Pockex Kit and advanced kits. Our kits cover a range of multifunctional Aspire e cigs, meaning a range of mods and power ranges. We also have a range of coils and materials to choose from, helping you to control how you vape and to hit your customer's sweet spot.


Our UK based team are on hand during normal business hours to assist any vendor or end user with questions regarding Aspire Vape Kits.



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Aspire K-Lite Kit

ASPIRE K-LITE KIT The Aspire K-lite Kit is an inexpensive, low profile device that is  perfe..

Ex Tax: £23.33

Aspire SkyStar Revvo Kit

The Aspire SkyStar Revvo Kit Aspire brings you our greatest looking kit to date. Introducing..

Ex Tax: £62.49

Reax Mini Kit

ASPIRE REAX MINI KIT Presenting the Aspire Reax Mini Kit, portable and sleek yet hard hitting, th..

Ex Tax: £39.99

Zelos V2 Kit

Aspire Zelos 2 Kit - Official Aspire UK The Aspire Zelos kit has been a huge success globally and..

Ex Tax: £49.99

Aspire Breeze Kit

Aspire Breeze Kit Introducing the all new Aspire Breeze. The Breeze is our latest all-in-one devi..

Ex Tax: £19.16

Aspire EVO 75 Kit

Aspire EVO 75 Kit The EVO75 Kit is the must-have sub-ohm vaping system which is brand new from A..

Ex Tax: £41.66

Aspire Feedlink Kit

Aspire Feedlink Revvo Boost Kit Aspire are very proud to announce our first venture into the ..

Ex Tax: £43.65

Aspire K1 Stealth Kit

Aspire K1 Stealth Kit The awesome Aspire K1 Stealth Kit has been announced. Great looking, qualit..

Ex Tax: £29.16

Aspire Mulus Kit

Aspire Mulus Kit Presenting the Aspire Mulus Kit, a multi functional All-in-one device from Aspir..

Ex Tax: £41.66

Aspire PockeX UK Kit

Aspire PockeX Kit - All in one. Launching the perfect stealth AIO that fits your pocket so easily..

Ex Tax: £20.83

Aspire Puxos Kit

Aspire Puxos Kit The Aspire Puxos Kit was revealed at Vapor Expo 2018 and was both a shock an..

Ex Tax: £54.16

Aspire Speeder Kit

Aspire Speeder Kit Aspire is proud to introduce the Speeder 200W Kit, a combination of the latest..

Ex Tax: £62.49

Aspire Tigon Kit

Presenting the all new Aspire Tigon Kit in stock right now at the Official Aspire UK warehouse. The ..

Ex Tax: £30.83

Aspire X30 Rover Kit

Aspire X30 Rover Kit The perfect stealth, mouth to lung kit by Aspire. This mod is perfect for on..

Ex Tax: £37.49

Aspire Zelos Kit

Aspire Zelos Kit This is the kit that all mouth to lung vapers will want. Combining the amazi..

Ex Tax: £45.83

Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit

Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit An economic and convenient tobacco alternative. The K2 brings you an..

Ex Tax: £24.99

Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit

Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit An economic and convenient tobacco alternative. The K3 brings you an..

Ex Tax: £29.16

Aspire K4 Quick Start Kit

Aspire K4 Quick Start Kit An economic and convenient tobacco alternative. The K4 brings you th..

Ex Tax: £37.49